Tuesday, February 7, 2012

betol lah cakap dia.she's right.

todays entry gonna be some usrah dakwah or some kind of knowledge/experience that should be share to all of u .
just now i YToubing and saw a video by a girl,that vlog about her opinion about hijab.
thru this,i learnt something.
congratulation for those who wear it since primary school,yesterday and aybe today.
but when talk about this,
it is actually a huge matter.
not dificult to wear,but harder to understand.
Allah wanted us ,muslimah to wear hijab,to cover our hair,
other than that,we should cover our walk,speak,
our dress up,our way of life.
it is overall.
so i also talk to myself.
dont just wear it,
but feel it.
Allah gave me hidayah to perform 5times solat,wear hijab so thats not only two thing,but everything bad should be polish until great.
when we improve solat,
insyaAllah..the whole way of life will slowly changing from worst to good.
from good to excellent.
Allah only give Jannah for those GREAT.
GREAT in HIS eyes.
not people eyes that want u look awesome with pretty newest trendy style but then the aurat?
so lets improve ourselves!

please watch YT - hijab and fashion than u will deeply understand what i mean just now.
seriusly betul sangat cakap dia,
just sharing

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